• Quotation
  • Readiness
  • Volume Price
  • Lead Time
  • Approbations

Production Price Quotation

Production price quotation is submitted within 5 working days after receiving sample inquiry form

Production Readiness

After the shipment of the samples, you can place production orders whenever you want.**

**) Within 6 months after sample shipment. After 6 months period, additional set-up charge may apply to begin production.

Experienced engineering team designed in fool-proof system and key quality check points to maintain consistency and high quality in production.

Productions are done in ISO 9001 certified facility.

Price vs Volume

  • You can order for as low as 100pcs.
  • With increased order quantity, we provide the following volume discount.
Price vs Volume 에 관하여 Quantity per Order, Unit Price의 정보가 기재된 표
Quantity per Order Unit Price
100 -499pcs 100%
500 -999pcs 60%
1000 -1999pcs 45%
2000-4999pcs 42%
5000 - pcs 40%

Production Lead Time

Shipment within 15 working days after receiving PO and payment


  • We can get CE/ENEC/UL for LED module with additional approbations fee. - Standards: IEC/EN 62031, IEC/EN 62471
  • Please contact us for more detail.
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